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Apr 29, 2020

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“The assistance from Smokefree Hampshire was very helpful –

 especially during the Covid-19 period.”

Deborah, who is 47 and lives near Hampshire’s south coast, has successfully given up smoking with support from Smokefree Hampshire.

Deborah contacted the service as she wanted to give up smoking to improve her overall health. She said: “I was worried about the health effects [of smoking], especially considering my age. Also I didn’t like that something controlled my life this much and dictated my routine of what I did and when.”

Deborah started seeing her expert advisor at her local health centre, on a weekly basis, who discussed the way in which Deborah wanted to stop smoking. Her advisor arranged for Champix – a prescription drug which helps to reduce nicotine cravings – to be prescribed for her by her GP to help her quit.

Deborah went fully smoke-free in March 2020 and is now enjoying the health benefits of breaking the addiction to cigarettes.

“The assistance from Smokefree Hampshire was very helpful. Especially knowing that I can email or phone whenever I needed to. This has been particularly good throughout the Covid-19 period. When the weekly check-ins at Rowner Health Centre were cancelled [due to the covid-19 outbreak], Smokefree Hampshire changed this to phoning you each week to see how you were getting on. Very impressive continuity.”

What would Deborah say to others who are struggling to quit? “The first couple of days are the most difficult. After this it just gets easier. It’s only 2-3 days for nicotine to leave your body. After that it’s just the habit that you’re missing.”

Deborah shared her top tip with us: “My easy way out was going to bed early the first couple of days, so I didn’t miss the evening cigs.”

Now, Deborah is happy to be fully smoke-free, with cigarettes no longer controlling her life.

“I feel like I am more in control now. Like I’m not being dictated to, when to have a break etc. Also I’m not as worried about my teeth, as these don’t get stained so easily. Lastly, I feel like I can get on with living a healthier life, as I’ve got rid of the most unhealthy part of it now.”

Congratulations to Deborah for her fantastic achievement in going smoke-free! From all the team at Smokefree Hampshire.


Feeling inspired by Deborah’s story? Call us today to start your smoke-free journey, with free expert support from Smokefree Hampshire.

Call 0800 772 3649, text Quit to 66777 or sign up online!

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